Monday, July 7

who knew...

WOW soo busy its been so intense!

I'm not here in Jcity! Its an incredible city SO MANY people yelling "Bule, BULE" or "BULE GILA" bule= foreigner or white person where gila means crazy! haha We just got done puttin on a confrence with more than 1000 young people. It was incredible!!

Tomorrow is the offical start of our outreach phase! Even though we have been here two weeks! I've met some really awesome people and i'm loving it here! The people are soo friendly!
I wish i could tell stories but i actually am not allowed to yet because of security reasons. But when i come home!! OH MAN!

I love you all and i'm missing home a lot! I miss fresh air SOO bad! I miss not being sweaty all the time =/ But i do love it here and i love what God is doing for this city! Its AMAZING!!


Strider said...

Hey Jenna, I have been checking the post every few days to get an update. I'm glad everything is going great. Just think, you folks had sweatshirts on last week at the Oregon Coast. I'll bet you'd like some of that cool about now! Tabitha spent a week up camping around Mt. Rainier with Ann's parents over the 4th. She had a great time. Ann and I went up for the day on the 4th to visit everyone, eat some campfire food, and be able to smell like smoke! It was nice and cool there though. Be blessed on your outreaches and I pray for many "divine" appointments for you.

Make mine pink said...

Can't wait to hear how your time went - looking forward to lots and lots of stories!!! We are praying for you, Jenna love! I pray that you (and each member of your group) walk in the annointing of the Lord and that you would each touch many, many lives.

Knitting Mania said...

Glad to read your update darling, keep on keeping on!!

Sounds like the Lord is moving in a country that is so hungry for the Spirit of God!!!

Blessings, A. Chris

Nadine said...

I miss you too. I can't wait until you come home to hear all your stories. I'm sure you have some good ones to share.

Madison Richards said...

We miss you too and are so glad you're having a great time of it all. That sweaty / humidity thing is a real hard thing to get used to. I grew up with it, and much prefer the arid west coast!

Can't wait to hear your stories!!! Looking forward to hugs and lots of cool pics!