Monday, April 21


Two weeks? Seriously! I cant believe i've only been here two weeks it honestly feels like a month! We have been so busy! A typical day here is 6am morning excersise then 8am cleaning(for 20 min)then at 8:30 we either have worship or prayer, then around 10:30 we have lectures until 12:30(which is lunch) then almost everyone has work duties where i dont have work duties till 5. So i have a little break (usually i take a nap haha 6am just doesnt work out so well for me) Then i have work duties ..the kitchen until 7:30 and then another set of lectures and then bed. So yes Very busy..weekends are free for the most part which is fun! Anyways the first week we heard from Peter Brownhill on the character/nature of God..REALLY GOOD teaching. Peter brownhill started YWAM-perth. Hes an amazing guy! Then we heard from another leader here at the base Ari Sloot on Repentense and Forgivness. Which was also very intense and good! This week is intercession...which is lead by my leader Anders. Should be amazing! Anyways things have been going super well met some awesome girls that i'm absolutly in love with they are soo great!! Everyone here is so nice and so down to far my favorite part (besides the beach) is Base worship..its basically everyone on base worships monday morning..its always incredible!!

I'm really missing everyone already! Gah and its only been two weeks!!!!! This is definantly going to be a long 6 months!! OH my goodness i cant believe i'm here for months!! WOW i think it just finally hit me! ANyways God is good and i know i'm suppose to be here! Soo I'd love if you could all keep me in your prayers and i'm still trying to raise money for outreach. So prayers would be soo wonderful! I miss you all very much!

Saturday, April 19

photo time.

Heres some updates with pictures =]
Photobucket these two girls becca and amanda are about the best thing thats ever happened to me! They are SOO silly and soo real and love God with all there hearts! I have had wayyy too much fun with them..sharing silly stories about our lives and making new memories! Anyways heres more photos of life down UNDER!!

Photobucket"The Wall"

Photobucket in front of 228..where we live

Photobucket Amanda and Darah

Photobucketamazing sky!

Photobucket kelly, sarah, becca, darah, and rebecca.

Photobucket one of the few things we have here thats from america!

PhotobucketWOO tim tam slam night!
Photobucket sarah and i.
Photobucket yay for water


Okay so now you have seen that i'm physically alive =] MOre pictures to come and more thoughts and what not!! =] LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL! (and i promise more updates on spiritual things soon!)

Sunday, April 13

one week in week in


The bass here is awesome..the people are sooo nice and sooo fun! It still feels like camp..and i should be heading home soon! I honestly havnt slept good since i've been here..and i'm pretty sure its gonna catch up to me..but PICTURES TO COME SOON!

Heres a cap of whats happened...

Lots of teaching
Celine Dion Concert
Coffee shops
Going downtown
Going to parks
and lots and lots of giggles.

I am kinda missing somepeople from home, but what can you do! And i'm not gonna lie i'm really stressing about money situation for outreach! I really dont think i have that much =/ BUT i'm learning to trust God! WOO! Funn!

Gday mate!

Thursday, April 3

witty banter please?!

Apparently being witty and charming pays off! =] So My flight to salt lake and to L.A. went quite smoothly. Didnt even have to sit by anyone! Which was fabulous! So When i got to L.A. Airport i knew i wouldnt exactly know where i was going but didnt realize HOW many people there would be!! Not to mention i was the tallest one in the entire International Airport!!!! hahaha
So once i found my airline the guy that was helping me was like WOW you almost missed it! He proceeded to ask me where i'l like to sit..being smart i said..window? By my self? He laugh and said what are you allergic to people. Of course being me i gave him a serious face and said YES! then laughed. So he got me a window seat by my self!! (it was the last one) He proceeded to tell me that my Visa wasnt showing up on my passport! (meaning i wouldnt be able to get into Australia) I kinda freaked out(and by freak out i mean deer in headlights look). 10-15 min later he comes back saying he figured it out and everything would be okay. But the flight has been delayed and i wont be leaving till 2am. I looked at him and said "Well what the heck am i suppose to do till 2".

Lets just end this silly rambling with he gave me a free pass to go through security before everyone else. Not to mention a free pass to the business lounge. Yes the business lounge that cost at least 30 bucks or something. he also said something about me paying him back when he visits me in australia..i think i owe him a lunch or something hahahaha (he was joking..dont worry mom & dad)

Well i've got a couple hours in this beautiful lounge with lots of free food and Internet access!

GOOD trip so far! And its about to get better cause i get to sleep soon!!!!

All in all this blog goes out to Gilmore Girls..because my witty banter got me free things =]

Hope you atually watch this..and giggled as much as i did =]