Sunday, April 13

one week in week in


The bass here is awesome..the people are sooo nice and sooo fun! It still feels like camp..and i should be heading home soon! I honestly havnt slept good since i've been here..and i'm pretty sure its gonna catch up to me..but PICTURES TO COME SOON!

Heres a cap of whats happened...

Lots of teaching
Celine Dion Concert
Coffee shops
Going downtown
Going to parks
and lots and lots of giggles.

I am kinda missing somepeople from home, but what can you do! And i'm not gonna lie i'm really stressing about money situation for outreach! I really dont think i have that much =/ BUT i'm learning to trust God! WOO! Funn!

Gday mate!


MegBo said...

I better be one of those people you are missing!!! :)
and Ede's. I get on that skype thing and you are never on. Let me know the times you generally get on so I can meet up with you. I have been taking little video clips on my camera of Ede's but don't know how to send them. Do you have an email address I can send them to?

Nadine said...

Good day quickly you have adapted. I'm glad you are having fun. It's good to make new friends and have new experiences. Learning is great! I miss your hugs and I love you.

A Woman Who is: said...

Hi Jenna,
Don't stress over money! Just soak in all that God is lavishing on you. You are loved and missed very much. Josh is enjoying bunking down in your room for the next two weeks.
It has been nice to have him home, after you left our home so empty for a bit.
Notice sister has joined blog land. Now we just have to get Josh on board. I think he lurks :>]

Knitting Mania said...

Yay...I was so happy to pop in this evening and see that you made a new entry to your blog.

Wow Celine, are you kidding me, I want to go to that DTS. I bet you are getting a beautiful tan with all your beach time too.

We want pictures, we want pictures, we want ----- okay, I know you're busy. :(

I'll be the patient auntie--

love you, xoxox

Strider said...

We had dinner at your mon and dad's last saturday and we were talking about you in Australia and Hanna going to Switzerland. Man, I wish I was a teenager again and got to experience all of that. Blessings...and don't worry,.... things will work out.

Anonymous said...

Jenna love! I miss your sweet smile! Glad to hear from you :)

- Hannah

MegBo said...

Sorry I couldn't get on Skype last night. Eden ended up coming down with a horrible cold (which I have also) so I was tending to her when she was waking up every hour :).

MegBo said...
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Tiffany said...

glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Can't wait to see pictures :-) Miss you

LL said...

Jenna babe!! Love you tons and tons and tons!! Am so jealous of the beach thing... wish it was warm here!

Stay strong and keep on trusting!

Kiss kiss,