Saturday, April 19

photo time.

Heres some updates with pictures =]
Photobucket these two girls becca and amanda are about the best thing thats ever happened to me! They are SOO silly and soo real and love God with all there hearts! I have had wayyy too much fun with them..sharing silly stories about our lives and making new memories! Anyways heres more photos of life down UNDER!!

Photobucket"The Wall"

Photobucket in front of 228..where we live

Photobucket Amanda and Darah

Photobucketamazing sky!

Photobucket kelly, sarah, becca, darah, and rebecca.

Photobucket one of the few things we have here thats from america!

PhotobucketWOO tim tam slam night!
Photobucket sarah and i.
Photobucket yay for water


Okay so now you have seen that i'm physically alive =] MOre pictures to come and more thoughts and what not!! =] LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL! (and i promise more updates on spiritual things soon!)


Strider said...

Looks like you are havin a geat time and have made lasting friends. Cold here at home. Be blessed and thanks for the update. Hey, give me a ping from Australia so people will think I am read "world wide"! Mike

Nadine said...

I love the pictures and I'm so happy you have made some very good friends. I'm sure they are equally blessed to know you.

Don't forget when you come home to bring back some TimTams.