Wednesday, July 16

as i wait for you..

Amazing calm week of intercession and prayer walking. Dont worry though, things are about to explode, its all about Gods timing. I've thinking quite a bit lately about God continually giving me a heart for these people. But also my future, i'm trying not to worry but its something thats been on my heart for a long time. I dont quite know what God wants me to do! But heres something that oddly has calmed my thinking....

There are many things that will carch my eye, but there are only a few that will catch my heart, it is those that I consider to pursue!

If only i can figure out those things that catch my heart =]. Another thing thats been pretty hard is dealing with past relationships, yes still! Who knew forgiving someong could take so long...probably cause i supress my feelings so much, but i'm slowly learning to deal with it now, so 5 years from now those feelings wont haunt me! ha I'm soo gratefull for a patient loving God!! would be bad news bears for me!! =]

OKAY so i know everyone just wants pictures soooo here ya go =]
Night time fountain!

Prettty smogg!

A prettier view of the city, but gross sewer river!

Up close of river

A piece of home!

These girls fallowed me all day!

He really wanted a picture taken =]

Gates leading out of my home.

Hope you enjoyed my verbal processing and a few random photos!!


Knitting Mania said...

Oh Jenna it was soooooooo good to see your face sweety with a starbucks in hand, HA ya gotta love those starbuck people, the're everywhere!!

Wow the photo's were so interesting, looks quite modern in some and then there's the slums, yikes....pretty nasty. I'm soooo proud of you kiddo, your heart is growing and opening up to things I bet you never thought about until this experience..

We love you, A. Chris & U. Patty

Oh we are trying to make a trip over to your folks for Eden's first Birthday, waiting on the date from Megs though!


Dustye said...

Hey Jenna I know you won't remember me, but I'm a friend of your Aunt Chris. I have so enjoyed your blog and your stories of your daily walks with the Lord. You have lifted me up as I'm sure you have lifted others. I have a little something for you over at my blog site. Please come by for a visit.

Keep the stories of your daily life going, and enjoy and remember these days...

God Bless,


Mom T. said...

Hi Jenna
Good to hear from you and all God is doing in your heart. Your words have touched my heart. Thanks for the pictures, it's nice to see what you are seeing. I bless you, Ann

Nadine said...

Great pictures. I can't wait to hear all the stories behind them. You are growing and maturing with each post. I'm so proud of you.

I love you Jenna.