Sunday, July 13

love where is your fire

i dropped off my friend pablo yesterday at the air port..sadly he only got to stay with us for a week =[ But we had a blast!

He taugh me and beccs the REAL way to shave your was one of the funniest things i've ever seen! Not to mention he was bleeding like crazy from the new blade hahaha.

And our random conversations that went from men with hairy chest, to drulling while you sleep, massive amounts of music swapage (natty..hes amazing artist).

I've been sick since about wednesday and it sucks..with a bad cough and soar throat, but i had a chill day sunday and a free day today.

Gosh the kids are amazing here..i cant even tell you. I dont even like children that much...but when literally 30 of them are chasing you saying MISS JENNA!! HALLLOO!! (thats there way of sayin hello...obviously) haha Its so fun making trains and running around yelling. I swear no one has ever played with these kids its soo incredibly sad!! saturday night was so funny we had a nice american dinner =] steak since it was pablos last night or atleast we'd like to think thats why we had a nice dinner. Anyways when we went to this slum and this family invited us over and they had SOOO much food. It was sooo insane. I've never tried soo many weird things haha one of the foods was a gooey goober looking thing filled with coconut and then wrapped in a bananna leaf. It was soo random! And i was very full.

Things are going really well, missing home quite a bit..there are no comforts here haha. But you live and its much easier when you realize that everything isnt about you. And i've definantly realized that my time here in Indonesia is all about serving and blessing people.

Loving and missing a lot of people! I just wish a lot of people could see what i'm seeing and realize how much this time we have in this world isnt about "come what may"(something i use to believe) but really stepping out and doing something about it all. Well its definantly a life changing experience that everyone should go through. Anyways...i'll be home september 22nd. I'm soo excited and not all at the same time!!

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer!
Jenna dear


A Woman Who is: said...

That was a great post...darling, but we need some pictures!!!!

I am so glad to hear how much your heart is melting into His, for people and the Kingdom.

Seriously need to see a picture with you and all these kids!

Everyone misses you safe!

Strider said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like an incredible adventure...enjoy every minute of it! I'm in a foreign country this week myself.....Texas. Blessings Jenna

Knitting Mania said...

Hey sweetie pie, sounds like the YWAMERS are keeping you busy, sounds like Tim and June and WARCRY, pretty intense stuff kiddo.

Your heart sounds so full and overflowing. Hope your feeling better today. Get your sleep and eat as much veggies as you can. Stay away from the gooey goober stuff that you can't recognize for goodness sakes, who know's what that stuff is Jenna, yuk!

SEND PHOTO'S so we can get a visual here...not that you're busy or anything...wink!

Lots of Love...Auntie Christina

LEESH said...

you are fabbbbbulous! we need to skype asap!! xoxo

Mom T. said...

Hey, its great to hear your heart. God is touching your heart with what touches His. Can't wait to have you come for a visit. Love you, Ann

Jess <> said...

Awesome!! I'm so sad I won't be here when you return! Are you flying into California by any chance? :)

Love and Love... :)
- Jess <><