Monday, May 26


first things first...
I'm still praying for $2500 Dollars for outreach!!!! Due next week!!
This coming saturday we are going to have a walk-a-thon! heres the info..feel free to join in even though you may not be here for the walk!

heres the actual document:


At the end of June, the April Disciple Training School will be going on outreach to Indonesia and the Philippines. To raise money for this trip we have planned to go on a hike-a-thon around the Swan River here in Perth, Australia, on the 31st of May. We will be walking between 15 and 20 km’s and we would like you to consider supporting us with either a donation per km we walk or a one off amount. Thank you for your willingness to participate in this fundraiser, we really appreciate your support!

All we need is your Name, per Km, donation.

Its just a fun way to try to raise some money!! =] let me know if you would like to donate!

Now the fun part of my blog...UPDATE!!

Heres a late birthday song to my momma...Its a traditional song here at YWAM-perth...kinda like the red-robin song back home!


I went on a long kangaroo hunt!!!
(for the first time ever)
This is the group that went

sweet picture of me

Natalie (one of my 3 roomies) and i being silly!

not to mention it took us 40 min to find them!!!
We were very sad!!!


I wanted to take him home!!

Me petting ROO!!!! SOoo precious!

We ended up gettin lost and danced in the rain (except that was the 2nd time i've EVER seen it rain that hard!!!!!!)


GOOD weeekend enjoy the photos!!!
Love and miss you all!!


Nadine said...

You look like you're having fun. What a cute "roo." I would want to thank him home too.

Loved your song to your mom. I'm sure it blessed her.

A Woman Who is: said...

Awwhh Jenna, you are making me laugh, cry, and smile all in the same post.

Thank you and all your sweet friends for such a great birthday song!

The roos are soooooooo cute.
What a fun day!

Hannah said...

Great post Jenna, I loved the mission impossible moves on your kangaroo adventure :)

Strider said...

That was a great post! Count Ann and I in on a donation. I'll get it to your parents and they can let you know the amount. Blessings.

Knitting Mania said...

Jenna I finally got to view these fun videos today at my friends house. Love the Kangaroo one.

I know the Lord knows your needs darling, keep your eyes on HIM.

I have a surprise for you at my blog, come and take a peek.

LEESH said...

Jenna Jenna! Your adventures in Australia make me itch to travel! You sound wonderful, healthy, and happy! I miss your smiling face!! love love love

Make mine pink said...

Jenna, It's so good to see you so happy and hear how much you are learning and growing in your walk with God. You are in my and Cliff's prayers and remember we love you! You are a blessing to us and we just know you are going to be a blessing to the people of Indonesia! Oh - the song to your Mom was too cute!!!

Joe said...

Keep Natalie Safe!