Tuesday, May 20

my whole perspective i think has changed on EVERYTHING!

Wow I can’t even begin to tell you what I’ve learned in just the past few days!! Something’s I’ve known all my life, but never really grabbed a hold of it! Tom Ellis is speaking this week on Spiritual Warfare! The funny thing is, he hasn’t even started on spiritual warfare yet! He’s a brilliant guy and I feel like I’m back in psychology class overwhelmed with so much information, which is a good feeling. Except when there are tests involved, but good when you’re just learning!
The basis of what we have learned (and this is just the surface) is that God is a relational God. Before creation there was the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit unified and relational with each other! This is the basis of EVERYTHING! God created us for relation! Yet he knew that if he created us with the freedom to choose who and what we worship he would have to send his son down to earth. In freedom there is risk because we have the capability to love and hate as much as we choose. So before he created earth He knew He would have to send Jesus down to earth! (It was not a plan B). So God of ALL power humbled himself to death. God was in Jesus, sacrificing himself. Okay so God holds every atom together, he holds our body together, even when we rebel against him! God is more committed to our freedom than for us to obey him! He is NOT a controlling, ruling, and condemning God. There were times (in the bible) where God waited 500 years for people to turn away from their wicked ways the flood (Noah and the ark). So he gives us the power to worship who we want, yet we are limited to this planet right? I mean you couldn’t fly to outer space! So there are restrictions. Yet the chose of who and what we worship is ALL our own choice! Only we can choose! Yes God is powerful, but he does not control! He placed us on this earth to be apart of the relationship of the trinity (the father, the son, the Holy Spirit) which is the ultimate love (agape). God placed us in certain places, and He waits, He pursues us, and He convinces us of his love. We are not oppressed by his presence, yet his presence dwells here on earth. We are surrounded by God while he holds us together! It’s so amazing how much He is so desires for us to feel his love. Which I can testify to, but I’ve only begin to understand Gods love!
Okay so there you go this is what I’ve learned in 3 teachings this week. My mind is so blown away and I don’t thing I fully understand half of this! Or if i even explained this well at all..this is pretty much just another word vomiting my thoughts all at once!!

On the other hand i found out today that outreach money is due in two weeks!! Which is very SOON! And i still need 2500 dollars! Ah but i completly trust God in providing! But prayers are more than welcome!
I miss you all! Love you!


Megan said...

Wow that's good stuff Jen!! I am so jealous of all the great teaching you are getting. God will provide and its so great to hear of all the amazing things He is doing in you. Love always,

Anonymous said...

isn't that crazy
i mean thats one thing scientists can't figure out is what is holding atom's together
they discribe it as a weird unseen force
theres alot of mind boggaling stuff like that
glad your getting stuff out of your trip

Hannah said...

Amazing! I'm so excited to go and be drowned with teaching :) Love you Jenna!

God will provide!

LEESH said...

Jenna! I didn't even know you had a blog! but i'm really glad that you put the link up on myspace so now i can read read read and digest all of your amazing blogs :) i've read every single one of them, and i miss you so much! you are an amazing girl, and what you are doing over there sounds epic! you are an inspiration to me for finding God and workind on my relationship with him! thank you so much for all of the beautiful words that give me so much hope! you are wonderful, inside and out, and i can't wait til the next time i see you !!
love you! i have another blog through livejournal, so there isn't anything on this blogspot on- i only use it to talk to my sister haha

Jess <> said...

Peace, lovely!

He is so faithful. God pays for what he orders.


- Jess <><

Knitting Mania said...

Thanks for the inspiring update Jenna. Continue to trust God for your finances and needs. He has not sent you out unequipped!

Love you...Auntie Chris

Nadine said...

I'm so grateful for all that God is doing in your life. I'm sure He will continue to provide.

You are missed. I love you.

Strider said...

Awesome post! It is all about relationship, isn't it? I think this is what is on the forefront of christiandom doday. I loved the line, "God is more committed to our freedom than for us to obey him." He really does care more about us than we do ourselves. Thanks for sharing your teaching for the week. Mike

A Woman Who is: said...

You are awesome and amazing...I love all that God is doing in your heart!

What a precious opportunity God has give you...sounds like you are grabbing all God has for you!

Strider said...

I keep checking every few days to see if you've posted anything new. Nick Strand, and the Coleman boys helped me lay sod at the house today. They are good workers. Subway sandwiches and $50 apiece later, I have a green front yard! Hope all is going well with you. Have agreat weekend.