Wednesday, November 5

Call & Response

What a week. I've been pondering my life more and more. And I find is soo frustrating! The parents obviously want me to stay home get my AA and then do whatever it is I want. I find it so hard to stay in this town with the few friends that I have and little or no vision or anything fulfilling to keep me going. I’m trying to enjoy where God has me right now, but it’s not fun and I have NOOO idea what is next!
So what moves me? SO MANY THINGS that’s the problem mom and dad I can’t just pick one!!!

Besides all that stress of what to do next I've been reading this book "The Rape of Nanking" for my S.E. Asian History class. Not gonna lie this is the MOST intense book I've ever read. It’s opened my eyes to things I had no idea that went on!
This book is all about the Japanese going into Nanking and not only killing everyone but raping women in the streets, in their homes in front of their children. But don’t worry they are sure there are no witnesses so they would kill the women and whoever else was around. So kinda depressing right?! Oh MY GOSH this book is horrible it goes into GREAT detail of what exactly they would do to the women and exactly how they would kill the men and behead them! I’ve been reading this with tears in my eyes and my jaw completely to the ground!
The whole time I was reading this all I can think of is Human Traffiking. Something I knew nothing about until I went to Australia, from this guy Andrew. He started this ministry out of YWAM, this video shares a lot more about it.

I mean I can read this history book and think wow what tragic times! How could anyone ever be so cruel! Here’s the thing ITS GOING ON NOW! Slave traders raised 32 billion dollars alone last year. There are 27 million slaves today, 17,000 being trafficked into America!!

Call and Response is bringing awareness to this horrifying thing that’s going on in our world today!

There are more slaves in today than their have ever been in any time in History! Can you even wrap your mind around that! We need to be a voice for the you go about doing that I’m not quite sure…Heres something even more interesting..

The history of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the voice began!!

The drum was the call…what was the response…What is Our Call today? My personal call? Christians call? What is our response? When do we hear the drums and respond?

My mind is everywhere right now..enjoy the videos..they may change your thinking forever!


Strider said...

Isn't it strange how much "easier" it was to serve God and be interested when you were doing something like Y-Wam? Now the test is serving and listening to God when you are bored and seem univolved! Both are God, Both take faith. I can see that God is teaching you to trust Him and bringing balance into your life.

Knitting Mania said...
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Knitting Mania said...

Good post Jenna, you have challenged me in a big way.

Don't be stressed, trust God that you are exactly where you are suppose to be for now and find peace in that. Please the Lord and remember what He spoke to you during those 6 months in YWAM.

It's in these seasons that you must find that HOPE and promise He has given you---

Kevin Bales said...

Thanks for a great post, Jenna. I can perfectly understand how finding out about the extent of modern slavery can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But there's an interesting paradox about the 27 million slaves in the world - yes, it is a huge number, the largest ever in human history, but it is also the smallest fraction of the human population to ever be in slavery.

Likewise, the amount slaves pump into the world economy is big, actually around $50 billion a year, but it is also the smallest fraction of the global economy to ever be represented by slave labor.

The truth is that slavery has been pushed to the edge of its own extinction and working together we can tip it over the brink. I hope you'll visit and share our website -, and maybe look at my book on how we can bring slavery to an end in 25 years, it is called: Ending Slavery: How We Free Today's Slaves.

All best wishes,
Kevin Bales
(yeah, that funny-looking guy in C&R)