Sunday, September 7

Ohh What a bitter sweet week this will be.....

Saying goodbye to my home...and these beautiful people i've become soo in love with!! And my team(my second family)..well i still have a week in perth with them...but ahh!

Part of me is soo excited to go home..and the other half is so incredibly sad to leave this season of my life behind.

Its something that has shaped and reformed me into who i was created to be...I'm so in love with God and honestly NOTHING can change that..i've gone to far..i know too much truth! Its not this "because i grew up with it" anymore..i've experienced it i've seen it...and i've seen incredible things take place in others lifes..healings and much much more!

But i'll be home soon...and i cant wait to see my Family!!!!!! I miss them more than i ever thought was possible!! And i especially miss Emily, Julie, Israel, Dayton and a few others!!!! And so many opportunities are opening up..job wise and wow i'm soo excited to step into a old familiar place with a whole new perspective!! Maybe just maybe i can have a love for the tricities again..I know nothing has changed..still heaps of drama and old friends will be there that i dont quite want to see...But Its different..because going back..its not about me! Its that simple...its not about me anymore! At all!!

Ya some of you were afraid i would change on this trip...and i have! Thank God i have! I just wish you could have changed with me. But I'm so ready...

So ready for this week
So ready for Perth (report back/party party party week)
So ready for Home
So so so so ready to be myself at home!

I'm holding nothing back anymore...
this is open book...a fire ball for Jesus...and learning more and more each day that my life is no longer mine! My life is becoming less and less of me!

So i go bring this love and passion i have show you i've changed, to show you His love. And to SEEK. after Him with everything thats in see where i'm to go Next! Do i i go...i honestly I will do anything for him....whatever he says...i'll go...

As I look into the stars
Pondering how far away they are
How You hold them in Your hands
And still You know this man
You know my inner most being, oh
Even better than I know, than I know myself
What a beautiful God
What a beautiful God
And what am I, that I might be called Your child

What am I, what am I
That You might know me, my King
What am I, what am I, what am I

As I look off into the distance
Watching the sun roll on by
Beautiful colors all around me, oh
Painted all over the sky
The same hands that created all of this
They created you and I
What a beautiful God
What a beautiful God

And what am I, that I might be called Your child
What am I, what am I
That You might know me, my King
What am I, what am I
That You might die, that I might live
What am I, what am I, what am I, what am I

What am I
What am I
What am I
What am I
What am I


Hannah said...

Spirit chills when I read your words... I love you Jenna, you're walking in the light and it feels so right...

"The faces of those who look to Him are radiant"

Tom Zawacki said...

We love you, we miss you and we can hardly wait to see you again!


Strider said...

Bitter / Sweet time to be sure, but it's just a chapter of many chapters in your book called Jenna's Life! Finish strong and see you soon! Mike

Knitting Mania said...

Enjoy your time in Perth and hang onto all the great memories, your goodbyes will be hard and you'll cry, like Strider said, bitter/sweet time is this.

But everyone wants you home, you are so missed Jenna. Be save on your travels home..

Love you Aunt Chris

P.S. Oh just wait until you see miss Puddin Toes, you are gonna be shocked how different she is now...I was when I saw her a couple of weeks ago!!! She's even more beautiful than before!

Megan said...

I can't believe your coming home, FINALLY!!!!!

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