Sunday, August 31

its pouring rain..right now

yes this is me..almost crying after walking out of Step Up 2 Movie..for a second i thought i was back home..until i walked out of the theater..then i fell to the ground..laughing/crying. Hilarious moment...that just happened to be captured!

David Graf Left friday..
we've had two team-mates join us during our 3 months here..akrum and ari (both only staying no more than 3 weeks) But David has been with us the whole time..from perth till now. He had to go to university. We got to encourage him and pray for him before he left. Everyone cried including the boys! We honestly were loosing a team member and we will probably never see David again..Hes from Switzerland and has this hilarious monatone swiss-german accent taht we all a loving way! Not to mention him singing "fix you" with Ben....i will never forget that. David and I also have left a legend we always sing "appoligize" together at the top of our lungs =]

So david leaving hit all of us girls like a ton of bricks..that we only have 3 weeks left together..and then we may never see eachother again...
Photobucket Clearly this is us after we cried (horrid picture haha..but priceless)

I'm going to miss these girls especially Tiffany and Sarah..they are seriously my best friends! We talk about EVERYTHING! We have soo many jokes and wow i cant believe i may never see them again! But i'm ready to come home...

So for girls night (cell group) we talked about Humility..My lovely madagascar lover (tiffany) lead most of it. Anyways our talks with them was really really good! And then we washed their feet and gave them pedicures!

Amazing week...missing home..dont want to leave..BAHHHH

heres random photos you'll like!
At steak 21..we love this place and the people are AMAZING! =]
Me and my big butt calling for a taxi..hah
Yes there it is..the pigs head..and dog!!! =]
wow right! (oddly...i'm getting use to this..crazy hey?)
(the call)

ENJOY..more to come soon..Possibly in person..with me next to you??!?!? crazy huh!!


Hannah said...

Yoooou are sooo beautifuuul, to meeee!! haha. Truely your heart is stunning! Thanks for the update and the pictures my friend :)

Strider said...

It's amazing how fast the time has flown by. You'll be home before long...but what an adventure. We were at "puddin toes" birthday Saturday evening. They'll have to build on a new room at their house to put all the toys. Summer is almost gone, and Fall is on the way. I am looking forward to that. James leaves for Streams on Wednesday, Hannah (as you know) leaves for her 3 months to SE Asia, Andrew Brauer left for a missions trip to central America, and Nick just got back from 3 months in Europe....and I am going to Pasco tommorrow!!!! Tiff started WSU Tri-Cities last week and Tabs started high school. Take care and finish well.

A Woman Who is: said...

Ditto Mike's "finish well" my dear. Say your goodbyes slowly and remember all...write in your journals…be blessed and thankful…You will never walk this way again! It will be almost surreal to have you home, can’t wait to hear all of your stories and get a peek at your heart.

Knitting Mania said...

It was so good to see your face the other night, live, via internet...that was amazing to your old Auntie Christina. I missed you though at the house, it wasn't the same without you. But we did enjoy your room this visit.

It's waiting for your return my dear...

Well I know only too well how hard it is to say goodbye to a season in your life and all the wonderful friendships you made along the way...ya never know, you might see some of those friends again.

"Finish Well", hmmm I like that, it's really true.


LEESH said...

look at you! i can't wait to see you!!!