Sunday, March 30

hello world

Oh my lands i leave for Perth, Australia on WEDENSDAY! I can't believe this dream/vision is actually going to happen!!! I honestly dont think i'll believe it until i'm actually in australia. I've basically created this blog to keep you all informed on the adventures i'm about to embark on! I can't tell you all how much you have helped me to get here..whether it be money, blessings, or the amazing faith that you have had in me!

I finally can see a small crack into my destiny and i'm sooo giddy like a little girl to begin what God has called me to do. Endless hours with God and loving people!! GAHHH i'm soo excited!

Thankyou for all your support and prayers =]


Barbara said...

Well Jenna you do sound excited and rest assured that God has gone before you and paved the way. A wonderul opportunity youhave been given.
Barbara, blog friend of your Mom's.

Nadine said...

You know you go with lots of love and prayers. I looking forward to keeping up you. I'm going to miss your face and wonderful hugs.

I love you so much.

Hannah said...

I found you :)

Oh and do we miss you already,
know that you are much loved you beautiful lady.

I can't believe it's actually happening and your on a plane, right now! I am so giddy!

love, love